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Gender Specific Program Handbook

Personal Items
We provide basic hygiene items and bedding.Each resident will be required to wear District pants as provided but should have some to change into when leaving the building.The following list is a minimum of what they will need upon intake.If you will be unable to visit for several weeks please send additional pants.

Things a Child needs upon intake:


3 pair of pjs

7 pair of underwear, 2 bras, 7 socks

1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of sweats, athletic pants or shorts
(seasonally appropriate)

Weather appropriate shoes & outer wear


7 shirts

The following items are not required but may make your child feel more comfortable in a new environment:


You own bedding

Make up, straightener etc.

Radio, cd player or mp3 player (as long as it cannot connect to the internet)

Spending money up to $40

You own hygiene items

Stuffed animals etc

**We advise against bringing anything expensive or of personal value, as we are not responsible for replacement if it is lost, broken or stolen.

Things you cannot bring:

Cell phone

TV etc

Tablets or computers

Video games or systems

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco



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