The GSP allows each resident access to the phone at least 3 days each week for at least 10 minutes. Phone time usually falls between 3:00 and 4:30 each day, should a parent or guardian be unable to meet this schedule due to work, special accommodations shall be made by speaking with management. Please continue down for additional guidelines.

  • Incoming calls to residents will not be accepted but you may call and check on your child at any time.
  • Calls will be placed by the staff and residents are only allowed to call those who have been pre-authorized by the placing agency.
  • Level 3 4 may have additional phone time.
  • Once earning level 3, residents may call friends who are approved by her parents, the placing agency, and the GSP administrator in accordance with the youths service plan.
  • A resident has the right to refuse phone calls and staff may terminate calls for inappropriate content, behavior or to meet scheduling needs.
  • Residents will have access to professionals involved in their lives. If a child makes a request to contact attorneys, probations officers, legal guardians, guardian ad litems or caseworkers, the child will not be denied and the call will be placed no later than 24 hours following the request. In-coming calls from the people listed above will also not be denied. Privacy will be accommodated.
  • No cell phone use is permitted.
  • No form of video chatting is permitted.

*No mail may be brought in by visitors. Mail may not be sent out by visitors or other residents, it must go through staff to ensure safety and security of the building and to prevent violation of court orders.

Residents may send and receive mail subject to the rules regarding contraband and rules and directives from the childs legal custodian when such rules do not conflict with federal postal regulations. All mail will be delivered to the resident, and opened in staff sight to ensure the letter is free of contraband.

Upon intake, a list of no contact orders from juvenile court or children services involving a particular resident is requested and adhered to and all no contact orders are listed on the childs service plan. Should a letter contain contraband, or written from a person who is on a no contact order, the letter will be confiscated and the custodian will be notified. Should a child wish to send a letter, the envelope and stamp will be provided. Once the child is finished with the letter, it will be checked to ensure it is addressed to a person the child is permitted to have contact with according to the childs legal custodian and to ensure the letter is without contraband. The letter will be placed in the envelope by the child, within staff sight, sealed and addressed. The staff with initial the back of the envelope to ensure it is appropriate to mail.


Every effort to ensure that all court orders, case plans, service plans and instructions by the custodial agency is adhered to. The residents at the GSP are not permitted use of the internet without proper supervision and search content must be school or programming related. They are not permitted to check email accounts without permission from the Administrator and direct supervision of a management. They may not use instant messaging, or video chatting, under any circumstance. Should a child require participation in a virtual learning program, in addition to usage limited to classroom hours, the teacher will monitor the usage as well as check the internet history stored on the computer. Social media sites are prohibited unless given approval by the GSP Administrator and the custodial agency.



Visitation days and times are as follows:
Wednesdays 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Saturdays 6 pm – 7:30 pm
Sundays 1 pm – 4 pm 6 pm – 7:30 pm

Should a visitor be unable to meet this schedule, special accommodations shall be made. Please contact the Administrator to make such request.

*Please continue below for guidelines before attempting to visit.

  • All visits MUST be scheduled in advance.
  • Only those visitors pre-approved will be permitted to visit. Initially only parents and legal guardians are permitted to visit. Exceptions may only be made by the Administrator and/or placing agency at a later date.
  • No more than 3 approved visitors are permitted at once.
  • Visits are held in the living room, dining room, and classroom. Visits in bedrooms and hallways are not permitted.
  • Visitors are not to leave minor children unattended in their vehicle during visitation times.
  • Open beverages, water bottles, soda cans, coffee, etc are not permitted. In addition to water or milk from the kitchen, there is a vending machine outside for your convenience.
  • We ask that you do not bring food or beverages for your child unless given prior authorization and there is enough for all of the residents.
  • No personal items may be brought into the building and are to be left in your vehicle. This includes purses, wallets, cell phones, medication, cigarettes etc… The only item you are to bring is your identification. Coats and sweatshirts must be hung on the rack provided. Any items brought into the building are required to be locked up by the staff.
  • Upon entering you will be asked to empty your pockets to ensure that no contraband is brought into the building.
  • Medication prescribed or otherwise is not permitted in the visiting areas. Should there be a medication that is for emergency use, we will lock the medication in a designated area and return it to you when you leave the facility.
  • Residents also have the right to terminate the visit if they feel uncomfortable for any reason.

Behavior expectations and for visitors

We ask that all visitors conduct themselves in an adult manner. It is expected that visitors treat the GSP staff respectfully, as they will also be treated. Visitors are also expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Appropriate attire is required. Clothing articles required are shoes, shirts, and undergarments. Clothing articles not permitted include: see-through clothing, mid drift tops, short skirts, dresses or shorts (above the middle of the thigh), tube tops, clothing with gang or club insignias or references to drugs or alcohol or obscene gestures, tight fitting clothing such as spandex or tights without another article over it.
  • Visitors who smell of alcohol or cause the staff to believe that alcohol or other drugs have been consumed, will be refused visitation privileges and asked to leave the premises.
  • Visitors whose behavior becomes disruptive or inappropriate may be asked to leave if deemed appropriate by the supervisor or staff on duty.
  • Should any visitor transport or attempt to transport contraband into the facility, criminal charges may be filed. Contraband is any substance that would jeopardize the security of the facility or the safety of the children or staff.


Home visits are determined by a number of factors which include overall behavior in the GSP, adequate supervision by the parent/guardian on the home visit, parent/child relationship, progress and participation in the GSP program particularly counseling, court orders and/or Childrens Services case plans. The occurrence and length of the home visits depends on the level maintained by the resident and the parents participation in the program. Home visits do not occur until the first four weeks of placement are completed successfully and no less than two family sessions have taken place. Lengths and guidelines of home visits are as follows:

  • Once a resident has earned around 30 days, she will be eligible for an off grounds visit. Prior to this visit the family should have established counseling sessions with Beth Andes, LPCC.
  • Visits must be scheduled ahead of time by the adult. If you fail to schedule the visit the child will not be permitted to leave the building or we may not be there when you arrive due to following our programmatic schedule.
  • All home visits are based on the girls level and overall behavior, service plan, and are subject to approval by the Custodial agency. During the school year visits are expected to take place on weekends. Please contact the GSP no earlier than Thursdays after 3 pm, as visits are not decided until that day.
  • Around earned day 30, your daughter may be eligible for an 8 hour off ground visit. In order for each girl to earn her first off ground visitation, staff will complete a review of her overall behavior and readiness. In addition to the above, family counseling must be established before the scheduling of this first home visit.
  • The first 8 hour off grounds visit you must remain in Belmont County.
  • The Gender Specific Program will not provide transportation.
  • Only an adult in the childs approved family, per the legal custodian, is able to sign their child out for visitation.
  • After at least three 8 hour visits, her behavior will again be assessed for her first 24 hour visit. For your child to earn her first 24 hour visit, all home behavior reports must be positive, in addition to maintaining expected behavior within the program. If her participation and/ or behavior reports are poor, her level will be re-evaluated.
  • The 24 hour visits will proceed while progress continues to be met. This would include all area of programming and evaluations by staff. Levels and release dates will not only be completed based on her overall behavior, but her participation and readiness for treatment and positive change. After approximately three twenty-four hour home visits, the child has the possibility of earning forty-eight hour weekend passes.
  • The progression of visitation time must be approved through the placing agency

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