Agency: Belmont Harrison Juvenile District – Gender Specific Program

Location: 45232 National Road West St. Clairsville, Oh 43950

Facility Type: Children’s Residential Center operated through Belmont County housing twelve females ranging from ages 11 to 17

As a program that works closely with the community through activities and volunteering our services, we value your opinion and concerns regarding the safety, well-being and behavior of both residents and staff members. If an issue arises and needs to be addressed by a member of management please use the following guidelines in order to express your concern or file a complaint. Once a complaint is received by either party noted below they will contact you within 10 business days via mail, email or phone. A copy of the protocol will be provided to an individual upon written request.

You have ways to submit a complaint/concern

  1. Print the attached form or use it as a guideline in order to write a letter to management. Send the form or letter to Jamie Atkinson – Program Administrator at 45232 National Road St. Clairsville Ohio 43950 or Dawn Barack – Executive Director at 210 Fox Shannon Place St. Clairsville Ohio 43950

  2. Email either member of management at: or

  3. Speak with someone directly by calling Jamie Atkinson – Program Administrator (740)695-0660 or Dawn Barack – Executive Director at (740)695-9750.

If neither Jamie nor Dawn is available when you call, the staff member on duty will document your information and report it to either party as soon as possible. If you have a general question about our programs please utilize the website for more information. If this is an emergency situation or a legal matter, the manager on call will be notified, otherwise they will receive it the next business day.

If this is in attempt to report that a resident has possibly violated the law, we will make every effort to investigate within the confines of our ability. If needed, all information will be gathered and either Juvenile Court or the Sheriff’s Department will be notified. Parents and custodians will be notified of any incident involving the police or Juvenile Court.

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