The GSP counselor conducts weekly individual counseling sessions with each resident, as well as a group session with all residents when they are needed. Family counseling is also a key component of our program. Service Plans are revised as needed, and some goals can be evaluated daily. The Gender Specific Program strongly focuses on counseling sessions with the girls and their families. Each resident has an individual service plan that focuses on goals specific to her needs. Parents as well as the placing agency will have input in determining which goals will be concentrated on for your personal growth and future plans. Our counseling is provided on site, with every attempt to meet a variety of the familys scheduling needs. The following guidelines for the family session are as follows:

  • Within the first 30 days of the placement, at least 3 family counseling sessions should be established. Two sessions before the first 8-hour visit and one following.
  • Within the next 30 days, two more family sessions should be established.
  • Three more sessions must take place within the last 30 days of placement. Two for normal transition and the last being the final meeting prior to your daughters release from the program. The last meeting would be with the program administrator, supervisor, counselor, or teacher. This will distinguish areas to continue to work on and the areas that have been improved during your childs time with our program, and to support the transition to home and school. It will also assist in identifying strengths and areas which may requires follow up counseling, as well as continuation of psychiatric care, and any aftercare.

  • When needed, residents will see a Psychiatrist from South East Inc., North Point or other professionals in the community. If a child already has a therapist or Psychiatrist and wishes to continue with him or her, we will, to the best of our ability, accommodate the appointments in coordination with the custodial agency as long as it does not interfere with participation in the program.

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