In order for the family to better understand the program and your role and responsibility in your childs care, staff will ensure a handbook is given to the family on the initial visit between you and your child.

The family unit plays a crucial role in your daughters’ treatment. Although she is the one in treatment, without the whole family making changes as well, she will not be able to uphold those changes for long. We ask that the family communicates via telephone and through in house visitations, as well as communicate with staff members any concerns you may have. Please call as often as you like to check on your daughters’ progress or well-being.

You are welcome to attend any medical appointments that we have scheduled and would appreciate your cooperation in obtaining any prescribed medications or documents from her doctors.

It is our expectation that the family will participate in the program openly and honestly, especially in regard to family counseling, home visitation and assisting in holding her accountable for poor decisions. Completing the required amount of counseling and home visits is very important and failure to do so may prolong your daughters stay at the request of the custodial or placing agency.

It is important to understand that no matter how many changes your daughter makes within herself that without the encouragement, support and accountability from the family those changes will not be sustainable upon her release.

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