The length of time a resident is at the GSP can vary with the individual needs of the child. Girls are required to make progress toward completing the goals outlined in their Service Plan before returning home. In order to help measure each youths progress the level system was developed. It is a means by which residents may earn privileges by acting responsibly and working toward making positive changes in behavior. The rate by which a resident moves up the level system depends on her mind-set and actions.

  • The scale used to measure the completion of the level system is based on 90 days.
  • Each level has a maximum number of days assigned to complete
    • Level 1 = 10 days (1-10)
    • Level 2 = 20 days (11-30)
    • Level 3 = 25 days (31-55)
    • Level 4 = 35 days (56-90)

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