The Sargus Juvenile Detention Center is a 17-bed locked facility located in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Built in 1973, the Center is named after Judge Edmond A. Sargus, a former Juvenile Court Judge for Belmont County who envisioned a facility better equipped to assist in the rehabilitation of the troubled youth living in our communities.

As part of the Belmont-Harrison Juvenile District, the Detention Center shall provide a safe and secure environment for all juveniles detained in our custody.  Our staff will continue to be positive role models and influences for our youth while upholding accountability, structure and discipline. We shall treat all persons with dignity and respect, and strive to instill this in every youth that comes through our doors. In a team effort with other local agencies, it is our goal to do everything possible to prepare the youth in our care to make better decisions upon returning to society.


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